Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Where do I enter my PlingStore code?
A) You can enter the code into the "Special Instructions, promo code etc.".

Q) Why do you develop games on RISC OS?
A) We find RISC OS an effective platform that helps us to be creative and original. Some titles have been ported to other platforms.

Q)Could any of your music be licensed by us for inclusion in our own projects, or are you available for game design services?
A) Please reach out to use via our contact page

Q) Is the Source Code included in your games and may I use it in my own projects?
A) Our RISC OS games include the source code, except for the free version of Mutant Penguin. Otherwise the source code is included (see !RunImage) and portions may be used as a basis for your own software. The AMCOG Development Kit provides, music, graphic, code and documentation for developing RISC OS games using the AMCOG BASIC library.

Q) Are your games compatible with classic systems such as the RISC PC?
A) No. Overlord, Legends of Magic and Xeroid run between 5 and 10 times slower on Strong ARM RISC PC and requires a minimum of of 2 MB VRAM. The minimum supported specification is the Iyonix.

More recent games such as Scuba Hunter and Mop Tops requires 6MB of video RAM and faster true colour SVGA sprite operations than the RISC PC can perform.
Xeroid has been reported to have run at full speed on the A9 Home. However, it is not officially supported on that platform.

Q) Are more games in development?
A) Yes. We are actively developing new games for RISC OS (around 2 per year) and this website will be updated with information in due course

Q) How well does Xeroid and Legends of Magic run on the Iyonix?
A) These games run at a comparable speed to the Raspberry Pi 1

Q) How well does Overlord run on the Iyonix?
A) The game has been beta and play tested on the Iyonix. However, performance is not as good as the Rasperry Pi.

Q) How about more recent games such as Spy Mission, Mop Tops, Cyborg and Mutant Penguin on the Iyonix?
A) Most of our games run very slowly on the Iyonix with a low frame rate. Cyborg is playable but aso very slow.

For many of our games a Raspberry Pi 2 is the minimum specification. However The Haunted Tower Hotel runs at a good speed on the Raspberry Pi 1

Q) Are you interested in my ideas and thoughts on possible RISC OS games or software?
A) We want to develop games that RISC OS users want to play. Please e-mail us with your thoughts (See the About page for contact details)

Q) Are updates to your games free?
A) Yes. Updates are free and delivered via the PlingStore. CDs include a PlingStore code that may be used to download updates