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5th May 2024 : Light Gate - A new RISC OS puzzle game

Available to Buy for £ 14.99

We are pleased to announce that as of the 5th of May 2024 Light Gate version 1.11
is available for download from the:

PlingStore and is priced at £ 14.99.

Light Gate was originally released at the 2024 RISC OS Wakefield Show on the 27th of April 2024.

24th February 2024 : RISC OS South West Show

We recently released our new title Light gat at the:

We brought along our Behringer MonoPoly which was used for bass lines and chords on two tracks.
We also brought along the vintage tape recorder with the sound effects tape we discovered
in a charity shop that provided inspiration for the game

5th March 2024 : Wixard Lore - A new RISC OS puzzle game

Available to Buy for £ 9.99

We are pleased to announce that as of the 2nd of March 2024 Wizard Lore version 1.03
is available for download from the:

PlingStore and is priced at £ 9.99.

Wizard Lore was originally released at the 2024 RISC OS South West Show on the 24th of February 2024.

24th February 2024 : RISC OS South West Show

We recently released our new title Wizard Lore at the:

We brought along our MS-20 Mini synthesiser to demonstrate how some of music is made

We also sold original casing our characters.

15th January 2024 : Escape to the Light at ROUGOL

Tony started the year with his first talk to the RISC OS User Group of London which
was done by talking over a video that contains records of the backrgound to development of
upcoming title Escape to the Light as well as our recent trip to the

Pixel Bunker

17th December 2023 : New Game : TIMERUN Released

We are pleased to announce that:

has been released and is now available to download from

See video for demo:

Plot and Game Play

The Chronites love timebombs are Earth space stations need defending!

Due to a time disruption field, you can't drop out of warp next to the time bomb.
You have to fly carefully and reach the bomb within 180 seconds to diffuse it.
Shoot Chronites and watch out for Chronite boss aliens that are hard to destroy.

Time ramps are available that you can thrust over and activate your force field.
Blocker aliens are indestructible but also have no intelligence. Watch out for
lightening. Read the hints below and watch the video on how to avoid these threats.

Avoid missiles. These require several hits to destroy.

If you see escape capsules, then rescue the pods for extra points. Also collect
power-ups for fun.


1) New life every 10000 points

2) To get past the blockers (that go side to side). Wait underneath
    on the right hand side and move up when the blocker is at waiting
*nbsp   left hand side.

3) Blockers are indestructible

3) Wait beneath the lightening and when it appears move past it

4) Ramps will activate the ships shield

5) Before moving past the lightening or blockers you may wish to destroy the
aliens above first.

6) To use the ramps for acceleration the thrust button must be pressed.

7) Be careful when you use the ramp in case you land amidst aliens.

8) Watch video for a demo : Demo Video

9) When your shield is on - the alien's are protected from you as well.

30th October 2023 : Sketching in the studio I've been sketching some music in the studio. I might include this
in our upcoming title

29th October 2023 : TIMERUN. Upcoming title

We are releasing a game late this year and are planning to exhibit at the upcoming MUG computer club event

The event will take place on Saturday, 9th December, at:

Dodderhill Parish Community Hall,
(formally known as Wychbold Village Hall),
School Road,
WR9 7PU.

The doors will be open to visitors from 11:30am until 4:00pm, and there will be no entry fee.

We are planning to release:

Here are a couple of in game tracks written for the game: Track 1 Track 2

19th August 2023 : New Song : Coffee Cups and Ambulances

We also write music and present an original song: Coffee Cups and Ambulances:

31st July 2023 : Development Kit Updates

A development kit update is in development that will add some simple 3D routines.
For a change I decided to compose music using RDSP and put this in a demo 3D Game
called 3D Moon Base Attack

You can listen to that track here:

RDSP In-game music made using BASIC ENVELOPE commands

28th July 2023 : Fusion Magazine : RISC OS Gaming

Check out the article covering AMCOG's A-Maze-ing, 3D Pingo and the Haunted Tower Hotel
games on RISC OS in Fusion Magazine:

1st July 2023 : RISC OS MUG Club Mega-Meet

Includes: A demo of RDSP's capabilties at the MUG Mega Meet.

A quick look and an high level explanation of the code inside RDSP.

A demo of the AMCOG Development Kit.

A look at Star Mine and how this was ported to other platforms

3rd June 2023 : Escape to the Light Episode 3

The latest episode in the development series for our upcoming title " Escape to the Light "
  • Making graphics with pencil, tablets and using AI for inspiration.
  • Using models made from junk,
  • Drawing sprites in Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8
  • Blender and taking images from video to create running motion.
  • Creating voices
  • Loading spites into RISC OS and downscaling to 256 colour

8th May 2023 : A-maze-ing

We are pleased to announce that A-maze-ing is available for download from the

and is priced at £9.99

This is version 1.08 which has 3 more levels, more graphics, calibration/fixed and performance improvements
over the version released at Wakefield.

For further information please click the image below:

22nd April 2023 : RISC OS Wakefield Show

We released A-maze-ing, This is an original 2.5D Maze shoot-em-up. Shoot robots, collect power-ups,
energy, chemicals and kill the organism!

It was a great day and we were very busy on the AMCOG Stand. Thanks to everyone who came to see us,
play the games and buy games on USB and CD. We hope to see you at our next show!.

8th March 2023 : 3D Turbo Boost

Check out our latest game, a 3D car racing game featuring rocket motors, here:

25th Februray 2023 : RISC OS Southwest Show

We released 3D Turbo Boost, our game inspired by the TV shows and films of the 1980s where
muscle cars jump, accelerate and crash with no apparent damage. The show was a great success
and we have already confirmed that we will be exhibiting in 2024.

11th Februray 2023 : Yorkshire Games Festival Video

Thanks to everyone who cam and saw us at the Bradford Science and Media Museum

This video showcases some of the games as well as what I learned from the experience.

25th January 2023 : The Yorkshire Games Festival

Come and see is at Yorkshire Games Festival

Date: 4-5 February 2023
Time: 10.00-16.30
Location: Gallery 1, Level 1

Play Star Mine on PC, Rescue the Mop Tops or try out one of our many RISC OS Games.

25th January 2023 : 3D Turbo Boost

Our next RISC OS title is shaping up. We're recording more music.

Graphic design is complete and the initial versions of the code are up and running. Due for release at the RISC OS Southwest Show:

Saturday 25th February, 2023
At the Arnos Manor Hotel

7th January 2023 : New 3D Pingo and Scuba Hunter Levels

We have created 5 additional levels for Scuba Hunter as well as a demo video

We have also added 3 levels to 3D Pingo.

Updates are free for existing customers.

Further, for the next 7 days 3D Pingo and Scuba Hunter have 30% off. Don't miss this great offer.

Thanks for supporting indie game development on RISC OS.

Available from the

3rd January 2023 : New Scuba Hunter Levels

We have created additional levels for Scuba Hunter which we are testing at the moment.

And plan to release the update in time for our upcoming January sale...

Updates are free for existing customers.